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Morgan Marketing & Communications represents the marriage of marketing communications and maritime. Even our name, “Morgan”, connotes our maritime focus: “morgan” is the gaelic word for “of the sea” or “by the sea”. 

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Our History

Founder, Carleen Lyden Walker, was raised on an island in Michigan, and grew up as a competitive sailor dodging ore carriers on Lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan and St. Claire. Early in her career, she pursued her marketing interests at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising in New York whilst developing her relationships within the commercial maritime community. In 1992, Carleen began devoting her time fully to this industry culminating in starting her own marketing and communications venture in 1999. 


Our Focus

Our goal is the success of maritime interests. This takes on many forms, from developing marketing and communications platforms for shipowners and service providers resulting in revenue generation, to the promotion of services benefiting the environment or seafarers. Our passion is to enhance the maritime industry, its image and success. 


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